Wednesday, October 27, 2010

okay - so let's catch up....AGAIN?!?!

well, i have to say... i did state in the beginning that i might not be that great at updating this blog... BUT, at least i didn't forget about it, right??

so, i am going to give you a super quick recap of the past...i don't know...almost year??!!....whoops!

we came home for bo's spring break/time off in march. bo had been pretty unhappy in mississippi for a while, not to mention that we never* saw each other.. so, we had a very nice and busy visit for spring break. little did we know when we left mississippi to come visit home, that it would be a life-changing trip...

*i am not exaggerating this part. bo worked the better part of 17+ hour days - monday thru friday. on saturdays he usually worked 8+... AND he had grad school work... so when i say never, i mean just about never...not naggy-wife-i-haven't-seen-you-in-5-hours never.

ahem, now that we are all cleared up on that.

so, while we were here (here - rocky mount), bo expressed his desire to get out of the coaching profession... i was pretty floored. i knew he was unhappy, i knew he didn't like mississippi state, but i had no idea he was ready to be done coaching. now, i could go into some long thing about why that was such a shock...blah, blah. but hopefully, if you are reading this, you know bo and i, and if you know bo - then you already know why this was a shock.... (plus i said quick update of the past 6 months) if you don't know could be considered somewhat creepy that you are reading our blog....haha - just kidding (kind of...)

we were flying out on saturday morning. on friday morning, he applied for a job in rocky mount at a lil' place called rmr, got the job, and we started planning our move back here...

we got back to lovely starkville on saturday afternoon and started packing saturday night. now, some of you may say - well you got there late december and were moving back in late march - so you probably didn't have that much to pack up, right? WRONG. you see, i am kind of OCD over stuff like that. every. single. box. that had been moved... had also been unpacked. and not just unpacked, but everything had been assigned a "space." and we had ONE week to pack it all back up and move it again!

so, we arrived back in rocky mount on sunday, march 28th. its been a complete whirlwind since, maybe here is the 'super quick' update:

my very beloved grandmama passed away the day after we moved back. this made for a pretty tough first week back home-and has been pretty hard for me since then....

we lived in a 'pack house' that was one-room + one small bathroom for the first month or so that we were here. it was great and we were so thankful to have somewhere to stay... BUT, you put two people in a one-room + one small bathroom house when they are only use to seeing each other a couple of hours a day... the walls kinda start to feel like they are closing in... i love my husband more than anything... but not in one room ALL the time.

we bought a house that we absolutely love in may and that i am having the best time decorating!

bo is really liking his new job - and all the free time that he has as well!

i have settled back in at work for the most part.

its very weird to not be completely consumed in football (although bo we were still pretty consumed) this fall...

bo has taken up hunting. he killed several deer during hunting season - one of which was a very nice buck.. and then another nice buck.

chloe is very happy to be back near her "meana and bompa".

and just to clear the air on the question of the year. we have moved back. we are not pregnant. and we really aren't sure yet when we are going to try to start a family! we will be very excited when that time comes and will welcome it if its before we think we are ready - but we don't have any plans of that right now! we are just enjoying being married and having free time to spend with each other!!

so, that's the update on us...

stay tuned for more about what is going on around the brown household - but don't hold your breath.. it could be a while before the next update...but hopefully not!!

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